MAY 5, 2018 // 7PM - 11PM

Downtown New Glasgow // Free Admission



"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."
-Pablo Picasso

On one magnificent evening, dozens of artists gather throughout historic downtown New Glasgow to display their art - be it painting, sculpture, music, or any other form of human creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Spectators gather and hop around from venue to venue taking in all the evening has to offer before heading home tired but enriched by the experience.
New Glasgow's Art at Night seeks to promote New Glasgow's rich and ever-growing arts community. Our art not only inspires our local culture but also takes inspiration from it and it is through this circular process that we further define ourselves through our art.
In its essence, New Glasgow's Art at Night is a celebration of what makes us human. We all have a burgeoning inner artist attempting to break free from the confines of everyday existence and Art at Night seeks to celebrate that side of all of us.


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Events such as this would never be able to function without the generous volunteers that give their time to help out.

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New Glasgow's Art at Night wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our sponsors.


With a quickly growing festival, it is imperative that we seek out funding from the businesses that are at the heart of Pictou County. It is in the spirit of community that we reach out to you and offer a chance to give back to Pictou County by supporting a growing event in which the welfare of community is the raison d'être. It is events like Art at Night that truly bring out the best in our community and show the rest of the world why New Glasgow, and Pictou County as a whole is a beautiful place to live.


As part of National Youth Arts Week, New Glasgow's Art at Night is part of a much larger national dialogue about the arts and its importance in developing valued citizens within communities across the country. By affiliating your business with Art at Night, you will be supporting our goal of enriching the artistic landscape of our community and also the National Youth Art Week's goal of providing Canadian youth with access to "creative activities in creative spaces".




Founded in the early 19th century by Scottish immigrants, New Glasgow exists because of the East River. Nestled a stone's throw from the river is the historic downtown, an ideal setting for artist and audience to gather in a celebration of community and art.

In addition to typical art venues, Art at Night uses unconventional spaces for exhibition. Storefronts, coffee shops, parking lots, and the like are all fair game. In working within the spaces available, Art at Night embraces the physical features of New Glasgow while transforming downtown into a hub of creative activity.

2017 Venues:

NG Library - Community Room
NG Library Patio
NSCAD Artist Studio
Murdoch Park
Chelsea Laine Salon & Colour Bar
New Hope
Glasgow Square
Glasgow Square Gazebo
The Commune
MacGillivray Law Office
Pantry Kitchen Lot

Town Hall
Perfect Diversity Clay Art Studio
Angela’s Attic
Empty lot on Provost St (Old Maritime Building location)
Zelda’s Flower Studio
Craig’s on Maine
Information Gazebo
Downtown Mini Mall
Provost St. from Dalhousie St. to Stewart St.
Fly by Knight

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Art At Night

  • Ian Grant - Event Coordinator
    Jillian Hennick - Artist Relations
    Breagh MacGillivray - Volunteer Coordinator
    Nick Battist - Tech Coordinator
    Chris MacPherson - Production Manager
    Don Dobson - Media Manager
    Katie MacFarlane - Sponsorship Coordinator