COVID-19 Statement

Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the social distancing restrictions put in place we will be hosting this years Art At Night online!
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Artists of all mediums can be apart of our online event by submitting our Artist Form:

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Art At Night 2020


Saturday, May 2nd, 2020


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About Art At Night

On one magnificent evening, dozens of artists gather throughout historic downtown New Glasgow to display their art - be it painting, sculpture, music, or any other form of human creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Spectators gather and hop around from venue to venue taking in all the evening has to offer before heading home tired but enriched by the experience.

New Glasgow's Art at Night seeks to promote New Glasgow's rich and ever-growing arts community. Our art not only inspires our local culture but also takes inspiration from it and it is through this circular process that we further define ourselves through our art.

In its essence, New Glasgow's Art at Night is a celebration of what makes us human. We all have a burgeoning inner artist attempting to break free from the confines of everyday existence and Art at Night seeks to celebrate that side of all of us.